Better illegally alive, than legally dead 

 It is very important to understand one fact. I’m an anarchist.  I am a peaceful anarchist who just wants to be left alone to live my way without affecting the environment and people around me, especially not in a negative sense. Live and let live! Is that too much to ask?


My name is Minja. It is a strange name even here in this godforsaken place, appendix of the world in the middle of  nowhere.  You, my friend can call me Dot, like a tiny, little dot that I am ( 

I have some years. I stopped counting after 30, considering that number to be offensive. Now it is no longer important.  I am old or something.  Who cares!

My English is what it is. You have to understand that I am just a  waitress at best,  without higher education or special knowledge. Then maybe you wonder why I’m trying! Well, I did try to speak and write to my government and my countrymen (In my own language of course),  but they couldn’t,  or they didn’t want to understand.

You know how they say: no one is a prophet in their own land. Better so, because  I’m certainly not a prophet and I do not want to be one (God forbid). Still they (the people) think of me as one (prophet,Messiah, deliverer, or something equally silly ); the government take me for a fool, and  I am not saying  I’m not a fool, but that does not mean I’m not right. So I decided to write in English. Maybe somewhere in the whole world there is someone who will hear me. After all I am just a voice in the desert, and  the world has become a desert place. Very few people, very little sympathy. Fear everywhere.

I started to write because I am sick, and I can’t work, or do  anything useful, so I write. Yes, I am epicly extensive, but what can a person do? I am who I am,  can’t be helped. Incurable – that’s me🤣. 

A very long time ago, one million years ago,at least  it looks like it,   I was diagnosed with MS. 

MS –  multiple sclerosis  

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.

In addition to the official definition, I must say that besides what the MS is., and it is what it is,  it is also a common, corrupt, boring, tedious, stupid, evil cow.  The MS grows the ants and makes them run in your body day and night. It also has a trained octopus which, with its tentacles twisting limbs beyond recognition,  in form and  position. And then it hurts. It hurts so much that most patients with multiple sclerosis mostly want to have chainsaw to cut legs of. Then we can talk about medicine. Sometimes you go blind about a month or three days or half a year and then you see again. For no reason, just so.  Doctors gives us hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, diapers, but do not give us a cure, and not even give a chainsaw.

In the beginning I didn’t know all of this, but  I immediately realized that it was serious because everyone around me was crying. This is how you can determine the severity of any illness – by the amount of tears that have spilled over the evil diagnosis. This is certainly the most accurate way.

You have surely understood that I was a very serious person, so I was approaching the problem in a very serious way. I decided to listen to a doctors.


But it didn’t help. In the end, I was desperate because there were no solutions.Can you imagine that kind of insolence. 

Months went by, years even, and I was worse, every day more and more. I could no longer walk, I could not swallow food, incontinence became terrible. I became seductive and depressing. I lived in prison because of the powerlessness like  Count Monte  Christo. 

And then uncle Google told me about the hemp. It was amazing  that what it was. Miracle! 

Of course, I do not believe in miracles, but I asked for a permission and they told me it could not be done because it was illegal 🤔 .  I could not believe in so much nonsense, because how  few plants in my garden planted for my medicine can endanger anyone?

It is very important to understand one fact. I’m an anarchist.  I am a peaceful anarchist who just wants to be left alone to live my way without affecting the environment and people around me, especially not in a negative sense. Live and let live! Is that too much to ask? Well…

I hear it will soon be forbidden to plant tomatoes in our own gardens ( !!!???). So we can expect for some 50 years or so, a very similar war for tomatoes, cabbage, parsley, potatoes … every plant we now plant and planted by our moms and  grandmothers. FORBIDDEN! How? Why? Who made such a decision? Who did he ask? I’m sorry, but it’s inadmissible.

 So I planted anyway or because ti is illegal. Of course I called the police to explain to me  why I can not plant myself a cure. And then everybody came; police, journalists,  neighbors… everybody. I’m very sad that it did not show that cabbage was healing because you would never hear about me and maybe that would be better, but here we are – where we are.

I am also sad because I red so much Alan Ford and I said “Better illegally alive, than legally dead!”  Now it is allowed to do all sorts of nonsense under this  motto, and it usually has nothing to do with the cure, only with profit.

Well, I did say this, but as a joke. I did not elaborate enough, obviously. My bad! 

So I began to ask loudly as I could, why they did not give me a cure. I wrote mails, posts, talked to ministers, journalists, and patients. What I soon realized is that no one really understands what I’m talking about. Reading all the information I found on internet is that it is not just a hemp in the problems , but that on the Earth every day the insects and animals are extinct for our neglect. Now I’ve decided to repeat it all in my bad English. Maybe someone will hear me, maybe  not. For me it is important that I said it.  Who knows, maybe I learn something about myself. 

Today thanks to the hemp, I walk, I do not wear diapers, I live more or less normal life. What now? But we will talk again.

Minja Vuksan Dobran / Dot😜



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